Stories & Testimonials

If I hurt myself again, you’ll be the doctor to fix me.

Thank you so much for doing the surgery, casting me twice, and helping me heal. You are such an amazing doctor, and I hope if I hurt myself again, you’ll be the doctor to fix me.

Thanks so much!

You all are the best

Thank you! You all are the best!

Jo Ann

Like family

Everyone is very nice and understanding. Like family.

Thank you!

Barbara Ross

Thank you for listening

Thank you for listening and caring! I appreciate everyone’s awesome attitude always being so nice! Thanks 😉


Your good work on my legs is keeping me moving! 

Hey Dr. E!  Tackled a wet, muddy, slippery hike this morning here in Nigeria. The leg is holding up well even though it hurts like a…. Very ugly word… There was a fall, some blood, some curses… but your good work on my legs is keeping me moving!


I’m very happy with my outcome

Dr. Elefenbein was very thorough with his diagnosis of my shoulder injury. Because he took the time to diagnose my injury, I had an excellent recovery from surgery. I have not had any pain or issues with my shoulder since my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Elfenbein to anyone! I am very happy with my outcome.

Tara Tafi

The first surgery I’ve ever been satisfied with completely

It’s been 3.5 years since my incident and this was the first surgery I’ve ever been satisfied with completely.  Not once has a doctor explained the procedure or aftercare involved in surgeries like you did… Thank you to all of the surgical team.

Dominick, Olathe

I wish I’d seen you two years ago!

I came in a couple of weeks ago and wanted to talk to you about a new hip. You said I didn’t need a new hip and put me on a strong anti-inflammatory. I just want to say, I wish I’d seen you two years ago! So much money, so much PT, so much pain and worry and concern…and this is what it took? I feel great. I’ve been training hard on the bike for the upcoming trip, hiking, backpacking. Pain-free, free of that clenched up hip muscle. Haven’t run yet but for the first time in a long time, I feel like trail running again. I feel like an almost normal person again. Thank you soooooo very much.

Dean Krakel

Pain Free!

Thank you very much and thank you to all of the staff at Pinnacle and Dr. Elfenbein. I had been in so much pain for weeks before finally seeking out a doctor. I am off to my next teaching job in Azerbaijan with a much healthier knee and a hopeful outlook for lots of hikes and treks. That started with a front office staff who said: “of course we can see you.” Thank you.

Claudia Bishop

I really appreciate you and your staff

Crested Butte Wildflower Festival

Thank you so much for the wonderful treatment and surgery I received after my fall in the mountains on June 18th…I really appreciate you and your staff for being so kind and considerate to me during my “not so great” vacation.

Nancy Latham

A new lease on life

Colleen Allen

This is Colleen Allen. She has lived in Gunnison since January 2014. She is the mom of two wonderful adults, Nana to 5 grandangels and one great grandangel. She retired from 30 years of teaching English in Stevensville, MT.
Colleen loves to spend time with family, read, color, and most recently enjoyed a nice walk. “The main reason I mention nice long walks is because of Dr. Elfenbein. I have been given a new lease on life by having two total joint replacements since August of last year and I could not be happier. I could not have found a better orthopedic doctor that I could trust and have complete faith in. I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Elfenbein for giving me a life with no knee pain and the ability to be able to enjoy the outdoors and what it has to offer. I can’t wait for summer!”

Pictured is Colleen smiling big and looking forward to summer in sunny Gunni!

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Colleen Allen, Gunnison, CO

A Fast and Effective Recovery

total knee replacement

Years ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident and I had severe knee pain causing me to reconsider whether I could ever snowboard again. Through a consultation with orthopedic specialist Dr. Elfenbein, I decided to have a full knee replacement. Dr. Elfenbein guided me through a fast and effective recovery and now I am able to resume the active lifestyle I had before the accident!

Dale Kazarian

Thank you for putting me back together

Dr. Elfenbein,  Simply put,  I am doing great.  I am so close to being 100%.  I have been religious with my orthopedic P.T. and I am back on my road bike and have zero limitations.  And today, I got my mojo back on a bump run!!! 

Thank you for putting me back together.  Great job.

Jeff from Dallas, TX

Excellent and most kind service

We wanted to thank you for the excellent and most kind service extended to my husband on the evening of December 27, 2016 at GVH ER.  It was not overlooked by us that you made adjustments in your schedule to attend to his needs and we so very much appreciate all that you did to provide care for him and seeing that he received medical attention in a most timely manner.

Anonymous, Crested Butte

A doctor we can count on

It is wonderful to know in our small community we have an orthopedic doctor we can count on. Your quick attention to our needs was greatly appreciated.

Al from Gunnison

Such an awesome doctor and orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Elfenbein, I want to say a huge thank you for being such an awesome orthopedic doctor and surgeon.  I am so happy with my new knee and can’t believe how straight it is.  I can’t wait until October for the left knee.

Shana from Lake City

Very competent orthopedist

Dr. Elfenbein, thanks to you for taking such good care of me when my knee blew up right on the heels of a heart attack.  I really needed not only a very competent orthopedist but a supportive one, and you filled the bill!

Allen from Maryland

Quite Impressed

Thank you so much for the excellent orthopedic care you gave me.  My wife and I are very thankful and quite impressed!

Tom Trent, MD