Orthopedic Services

Nonoperative and operative orthopedic evaluations

Depending on the severity of the case, surgery isn’t always a necessary option for relieving symptoms of orthopedic conditions. At Pinnacle Orthopedics, we work closely with our patients to develop a course of non-surgical treatment options that work best for the individual so that it alleviates pain and discomfort caused by acute and chronic orthopedic injuries. If it is determined through the evaluation that the patient's condition is operative, we will present all available options so that the patient goes into the operation feeling comfortable and confident.

Upper extremity and Sports Medicine expertise

At Pinnacle Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we treat sprains, dislocations, instability, ligament tears, trigger fingers, rotator cuff injuries, nerve conditions including carpal tunnel syndrome, labral tears, and arthritis. Dr. Elfenbein has extensive experience (over 18 years) in upper extremity surgery and sports medicine.

Physical therapy coordination and prescription

After evaluating a patient and referring them to physical therapy, we maintain an open line of communication with the physical therapist. We strive to communicate promptly so that the treatment team is all on the same page.  We track the patient's progress and address questions or concerns the patient or physical therapist may have while on the road to recovery.

Casting and splinting of injuries

At Pinnacle Orthopedics we treat a variety of upper and lower extremity non-operative fractures with splinting and casting. We strive to make the patient as comfortable in their splint or cast as possible.  We take great care to avoid pressure points and are happy to see patients back if there are any problems or concerns.

X-ray examination and interpretation

At Pinnacle Orthopedics a part of evaluating a patient’s orthopedic condition is interpretation of the X-rays. We use a systematic approach taking the time to explain and interpret the patients X-rays to them so they understand their condition and then provide a multitude of treatment options specific to their condition.

*We have the lowest dose X-Ray in the region!

Arthritis management and hip, knee, and shoulder replacement

At Pinnacle Orthopedics we treat the entire patient when managing their arthritic pain.

We start with an X-ray to evaluate how severe the arthritis is then suggest treatment options such as, physical therapy, bracing, anti-inflammatory medication, steroid injections, or gel injections. We keep track of the patients progress and improvement after each treatment option is utilized. If the patient has utilized all options of treatment and the arthritis is getting in the way of his or her normal routine or is disrupting their quality of life, then we suggest joint replacement surgery as the final treatment option.  Our goal is to keep you healthy and active and we work with you to achieve that goal.

Injection management of joint and tendon problems

At Pinnacle Orthopedics we offer a few different injection options to temporarily relieve the pain from arthritic joints, tendon inflammation, or complete tears. We take pride in educating patients on exactly what the benefits are from injections and on the flip side, the adverse effects of long term use on their joints and tendons.  Injections, when used as part of our overall approach, can be quite helpful in relieving pain, restoring function, and getting patients back "after it".

Nerve compression

I have extensive experience treating nerve compressions throughout the body including carpal, cubital, radial, and tarsal tunnel syndromes, suprascapular nerve compression in the shoulder, and brachial plexus disorders.


I have 18 years of private practice experience in treating arthritis and its related disorders. Extensive nonoperative and operative treatments are employed to get you back to your life.


Before coming to the Gunnison Valley I cared for patients at a Level 2 Trauma Center in Connecticut for 16 years and 2 Level 1 Trauma Centers in NY City. I have extensive experience caring for trauma patients from minor slip and falls to major bony and soft-tissue trauma.

Ligament Injuries

Whether an injured ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, wrist, or finger, not all ligament injuries require surgery. It is extremely important to have the experience and knowledge to know when the injury can be rehabilitated and when surgery is required.


Minimally-invasive techniques in wrist, elbow, shoulder, and knee surgery provide for easier recovery and faster rehabilitation with less trauma to surrounding tissues.

Orthopedic Conditions Treated

  • Arthritis
  • Rotator Cuff tears
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • ACL tears
  • Meniscus (cartilage) tears
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Fractures
  • Sprains
  • Back and neck pain

Orthopedic Procedures

  • Hip, knee, and shoulder replacement: I have 18 years experience in private practice performing these procedures - more than any other orthopedist in the Gunnison Valley.
  • Rotator cuff repair: Using minimally-invasive arthroscopic techniques, I treat your shoulder injury with minimal trauma to surrounding tissues and with the most modern techniques available.
  • Fracture repair: Minimally-invasive techniques are utilized to ensure the best outcome possible when you are hurt.
  • Knee ligament reconstruction: We have a lengthy discussion about graft choices for your knee ligament reconstruction so you can be informed and choose which option fits you and your lifestyle best.